October 8, 2017

[Updated] Help us fund our 2018 Scholarships

We reached our 2018 goal of $5000! Thanks for the support! Here is how your donation helps:

Our Progress: $5,000 of $5,000

The cost to becoming a pilot

Many veterans dream of becoming a civilian pilot when exiting the military, but frequently the upfront cost is too high. Here is what it takes for an average individual to fund their certification based on their desired level of training:

  • Priviate Pilot License: $9,250
  • Commercial License: $13,000
  • Instrument Certified, Commercial License: $21,000
  • ATP and Instrument Certified, Commercial License: $30,000+

This is purely the cost for certification and does not take into account other burdens pilots-in-training can face during the education process. We work with veterans to mentor them though this process and help cover funding gaps that other programs may miss.

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