December 12, 2018

December Scholarship Drive

It’s December!  As an early present, we got word from Bradley Littleton, the winner of our 2018 Colorado Veterans Project sponsored scholarship, that he passed his Instrument check ride! Better yet, he has half of his scholarship money remaining to immediately start on his Commercial certificate.

Thank you for your support so far during our S2Bs 2018 Scholarship Drive. Our goal this year is 4 fully funded scholarships!

 Here is where our fleet of scholarships stand:

Scholarship 1: General Donations
Our Progress: $5,000 of $5,000
Scholarship 2: FB
Our Progress: $5,000 of $5,000
Scholarship 3: FB
Our Progress: $1,300 of $5,000
Scholarship 4
Our Progress: $0 of $5,000

There are three weeks left, we can do it! If you donated last year, we would love your help again. If this would be your first donation, please take the time to help deserving veterans get a start in aviation.

Remember, all donations are tax deductible and 100% of funds donated during the fund drive go directly to veterans.

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Happy Holidays!
S2Bs Team