Stripes to Bars announces partnership with Pilot Pipeline

The leadership and everyone involved with Stripes to Bars is excited to announce a new partnership with Pilot Pipeline. The new partnership will provide our scholarship winners with an amazing resource to streamline the path to achieving their aviation dreams.

Pilot Pipeline is an automated career management platform designed to meet current or aspiring pilots at their experience level and guide them to their dream job.

It is revolutionizing the way pilots plan and navigate their careers through the automated career management platform. The software platform uses a pilot’s experience level and end goal to create custom pathways, which guide users through their aviation journey. 

All of this can eliminate the need to spend hours on the web reading thousands of pages of regulatory requirements, browsing hundreds of training providers, and applying to countless employment opportunities. 

Pilot Pipeline consolidates all necessary information, estimates how long it will take to reach your goal, and projects your earnings along the way.

Veterans can upgrade to a premium account for free using our GOVX verification to gain access to the Timeline Assistant and Scholarship Finder. 

The timeline assistant helps users stay on top of their upcoming tasks, ensuring that they can reach their deadlines on time. The Scholarship Finder is a new feature that allows you to sort and filter for aviation scholarships that apply to you.

Check out the video below to see Pilot Pipeline in action and then sign up for Pilot Pipeline today.