2016 Scholarship Winner!

We are so excited to announce our 2016 scholarship winner, Melissa Resendes! Melissa is an Operating Room Nurse from Colorado and a Veteran of the United States Coast Guard.

Melissa has been a life-long aviation dreamer. She is a single mother of two young boys, a Veteran of the United States Coast Guard and a nurse in her community, caring for patients undergoing heart surgery. Up to this point in Melissa’s life, the finances required to get a start in aviation haven’t been available as she raised two children. Now, with the help of Stripes to Bars and our generous sponsors, Melissa will have the opportunity to pursue a private pilot’s license and achieve a long held dream. After achieving her Private Pilot’s license and Instrument rating, Melissa envisions combining her passion for healthcare with flying by providing medical care to remote populations. In Melissa’s own words:

“As a parent, I think the most valuable lessons we can teach our children are based on perseverance: the achievement of things most people think are not possible, or that they are not willing to sacrifice for. I strive every day to set the example for my children that they can do anything, as long as they are willing to try.”