Colorado Springs Soldier Awarded Aviation Scholarship

A Special Kind of Flight

Who is Josh Urban

Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, Josh Urban is a man of experience and his is unlike many others.

The few men and women who join the ranks of the Armed Forces have a connection, unlike many others and Josh’s story attests to this very fact.

Josh is a special forces soldier, who when asked, speaks highly of his teammates and the times he gets to spend with them in some places many of us didn’t even know existed.

One of his best memories was described as “…traveling throughout the Middle East, Africa and Europe, it gave me life experience I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.”

Urban is a bit of an adventure seeker and when asked what made him want to get into aviation, we were met with an answer that reached to the ‘stars’…”flying represents the freedom to be able to travel anywhere, something I’ll always enjoy. And I won’t lie…there’s an adventure aspect that I probably picked up from my love of sci-fi (Star Wars).”

While he is just about to start his aviation training to earn his private license, flying has been in his bones for a very long time.

“This represents the beginning of something I’ve wanted to do for them for a long time. There always seemed to be reasons not to start flying; deployments, too busy with kids, etc. This will be a springboard to what I hope will be a future career in aviation.”

Why do veterans make such great choices to help fill the shortage in pilots the industry is beginning to see? This is a question we asked our scholarship recipients to help explain to you why we are here…

Josh didn’t hesitate and told us, “I believe veterans have the discipline to handle complex tasks and procedures, as well as the drive to complete the mission even in the face of extreme adversity. The military provides a strong foundation for building skills and confidence, as well as the duty to bring everyone home safe.”

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