Navy Veteran Wins Aviation Scholarship

From the Sea to the Air

Who is Kenneth Morris

Kenneth Morris is a veteran who was born in Houston and currently resides in Denton, Texas.

This story is not like many others, but many others may relate.

If you happen to catch Kenneth thinking about his time in the Navy, you may hear him chat about his time serving and flying alongside his fellow service members and how that is one of his best memories. One of his best experiences was traveling abroad to protect and defend the American people. Kenneth says, “being exposed to new cultures, countries and various people will serve as part of my best experiences.”

His time in the Navy included being part of a naval aircrew, an anti-submarine warfare systems operator and an all around great sailor who served his country.

When asked about what made him want to get into aviation, Kenneth jumped in and said, “As a younger person I was not aware of countless opportunities in the aviation industry. As I began flying more, I realized I loved it and with enough work and focus I could attain a career as a pilot.”

All to often, generational beliefs aren’t changed, challenged or broken. Kenneth is one who believes in breaking through the ceiling and reaching the stars as he launches into the new chapters of his life.

If you were to reach out and ask Kenneth what it means to him to be awarded the Stripes to Bars scholarship, you would hear this,

This scholarship will allow me to help break a generational belief that people are not capable of attaining certain goals because of where they were born and their assumed status in society. Many times the barriers to entry include but are not limited to finances, exposure, accessibility and positive mentors and instructors.

– Kenneth Morris

Kenneth has shown undeniable dedication to his journey into aviation. He described it best when he told us, “I am currently preparing for my private pilot check ride and will immediately begin instrument flight training.”

As there is a pilot shortage in the aviation industry, veterans may often be seen as a great fit. Don’t take our word for it, here is Kenneth’s thoughts on this…

“Veterans are a great source to help fill the pilot shortage because of their prior disciplined training and ability to work until their goals are met. Veterans are some of the most selfless, caring and thoughtful individuals I have had the opportunity to meet. Not only do they put others before themselves, they work tirelessly, exude professionalism and carry themselves in a manner that exemplifies the gold standard of what US citizenship entails. I have known many veterans that have sacrificed their very lives for this country and countless others that are currently giving back in their communities to make it a better place.”